VIDEO: Robots, Volcanoes And Vaginas DD Video

Today on a special Japanese-themed The DailyDispatch, Mount Fuji is under a lot of pressure and could blow its top, the robotics revolution continues unabated, and an artist’s controversial vagina art got her arrested for obscenity. Leave your reactions in the comments and we’ll see you next time on The DailyDispatch!

VIDEO: Latest Fed Survey Sees Improved Economy

A Federal Reserve survey indicates the economy kept expanding in all regions of the country in June and early July, helped by strength in consumer spending. All 12 of the Fed’s regions reported growth with five — New York, Chicago, Minneapolis, Dallas and San Francisco — characterizing growth as “moderate” while the others reported “modest”…

VIDEO: Apple Settles E-books Price-fixing Suit For Up To $400M

Apple has reached a settlement with 33 states over electronic book price fixing that could see the tech giant paying out as much as $400 million. The antitrust suit stems from Apple’s role in conspiring with five major book publishers to drive up the prices of e-books to thwart a sales program launched by Amazon….

VIDEO: Apples Boost Women’s Sexuality DD Video

Today on The Daily Dispatch, a study reveals that men become sexually invisible to young women as they approach middle age. Also, toddlers apparently take joy in the misfortune of others, and apples are shown to boost women’s sexuality. Leave your reactions in the comments and we’ll see you next time on The Daily Dispatch!

VIDEO: Verizon Netflix Video

Netflix probably had no idea just a couple years ago that they would find themselves squarely in the center of the net neutrality debate. After Netflix discovered that ISPs were throttling connection speeds to their service and making some customers entirely unable to stream in HD, they decided to go on the offensive. They created…

VIDEO: AMAZON LIVE: New Phone Expected At Seattle Event

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has gone on stage to unveil what is expected to be a new smartphone. Bezos opened the event by talking about its $99-a-year Prime membership. It began with free shipping but has expanded to include free video streaming, e-book lending and more. Viewing Prime content is expected to be a component…

VIDEO: Clinton Book Tour: More Than Handshakes And Friendly Crowds

The former Secretary of State and First Lady has caught flack for a pair of rocky interviews, though her book has received mostly positive reviews.

VIDEO: Hillary hype? Not at this bookstore.

Washington Post Opinions’ writer Alexandra Petri visits Kramerbooks in Washington, D.C. to see if copies of Hillary Clinton’s much-anticipated memoir, “Hard Choices,” are flying off of the shelves.

VIDEO: When to Get a Facial and Other Prewedding Beauty Tips

When it comes to getting married, there’s a checklist for everything. In an effort to keep your skin and nails in order, here are a few tips when it comes to booking prewedding facials and treatments and what to pack in your mini emergency kit. On Kirbie: Shoshanna dress

VIDEO: Soft Bank Robots Video

We’re pretty sure that “Has technology gone too far?” is a question that doesn’t come up very often in Japan. The latest in the world of humanoid robots guaranteed to give you nightmares comes from SoftBank. They claim that their new robot “Pepper” can display lifelike emotions and could be used to staff stores and…